Demilitarization and ecological disposal of ammunition

With a rich experience, our company stands as a prominent European leader in demilitarization services, focusing on the safe and environmentally responsible disposal of ammunition. Equipped with our proprietary technology, we operate state-of-the-art storage facilities that are certified to meet the rigorous standards set by both the European Union and NATO. Our team comprises highly skilled professionals with extensive expertise in the field. We specialize in the demilitarization and secure storage of surplus ammunition, catering to a wide range of calibers, including small, medium, and large. Our capabilities extend to handling various types of ordnance, such as rockets, artillery fuzes, anti-personnel and anti-tank mines, as well as engineering ammunition and explosives. By adhering to international standards, we ensure the ecological disposal of all ammunition and explosive components, making sustainability a top priority in our operations.


Group of companies within STV, with its tradition dating back to 1920,delivers advanced and effective solutions and capabilities to protect our world.

With our expertise, EU-based facilities, and advanced production capacities, we empower our clients like the Czech Army and law enforcement units to accomplish their missions. Our vision is to support heroes who defend the right of all of us to live in a safer world.